BM 180 SP

Boeco BM 180 SP

Rp 20.567.000,00

Deskripsi Produk

Produsen   : Boeco

Spesifikasi :

  • Magnification: 40X- 1600X
  • Optical Head: Sliding Binocular Head, Interpupillary Distance 55 – 75 mm
  • Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece
  • Eyepiece: Pair Eyepiece WF 10X /18 mm Widefield Pair Eyepiece P 16X
  • Objectives: BOECO Semi-plan Achromat DIN Objective 4x/0.10 BOECO Semi-plan Achromat DIN Objective 10x/0.25 BOECO Semi-plan Achromat DIN Objective 40x/0.65, spring loaded BOECO Semi-plan Achromat DIN Objective 100x/1.25, Oil, spring loaded
  • Stage: Double layer mechanical specimen stage. 140 x 140 mm Travel area 75 x 50 mm, Right hand stage handle
  • Focusing: Low position, coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control, with graduation reading 2 microns per division. Total focusing range 20 mm., Safety autofocus stop unit.
  • Condenser: Abbè Brightfield condenser, n.A. 1,25, Integrated Iris diaphragm and filter tray. With rack & pinion height adjustment
  • Illumination: 6V 20W Halogen, light intensity adjustable.
  • Body /power: Sturdy body with supportive rubber and inbuilt power supply 110-240V
  • Supplied with: Dust cover, blue + green filter, immersion oil, 1 spare halogen bulb and instruction manual
  • Dimension: 170(W) x 250(D) x 375(H) mm
  • Weight: Netweight 7,65 kgs, Grossweight 9,5 kg
  • Packing: Two styrofoam shelves in a cardboard box, 290(W)x330(D)x530(H) mm


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