Leica DM500

Rp 23.000.000,00

Deskripsi Produk

Produsen   : LEICA

Spesifikasi :

  • DM 500 right hand stage stand with 4 position nosepiece
  • Mechanical stage with non extending rack and slide holder
  • Pre centred and pre focussed abbe condenser with slot for phase and darkfield and labels for matching objective magnifications
  • Separate eyepieces

high eyepoint, 10x/20 (20mm field of view)

focusing eyepieces with reticle holder for 21 mm reticle

30 mm mounting diameter

  • Objectives; infinity platform, plan optics for FDV 18, HI Plan for FDV 20, 100X dry objective with N.A. 0.8, objective labelling laser engraved, M25 nosepiece thread

Plan 4X/0.1 NA 26.2 mm W.D

Plan 10X/0.2 N.A. 7.8mm W.D

Plan 40X/0.6 N.A. 0.31 mm W.D

Plan 100X/1.25 N.A 0.10 mm W.D oil

  • Condensor

prefocussed and precentered condensor

centerable and focusable mount

slot in condensor for  contrast sliders

  • Focus

Low position focus controls

Self adjusting focus mechanism

300 microns per fine focus rotation

Calibrated in 3 micron incements

  • LED Illumination
  • Built in handle and cord wrap
  • Manual 45 degree Binocular EZ Tube with integrated 10X/18 eyepiece and Pre set diopters
  • Universal Power Supply


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