Nikon Eclipse (Ci-FL) (Binokuler)

Consisting of:
·      Ci-L Main Body for right side stage, Capture button, fixed diffuser, field diaphragm, adjusting
·      tools (1 piece), Dual Coarse/Fine focusing with re-focusing mechanism & torque adjustment.
·      Built-in lamphouse for white LED illumination
·      Dust Cover H550S
·      C-SR2S Right Handle Stage with 2SHolder
·      C-TE2 Ergonomic Binocular Tube
·      Eyepiece Lens CFI 10X with diopter adjustment (F.O.V. 22mm)
·      C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD
·      Achromat Swing-out Condenser, N.A. 0.90
·      CFI Plan Achromat 4X, N.A. 0.10, W.D. 30.0 mm
·      CFI Plan Achromat 10X, N.A. 0.25, W.D. 10.5 mm
·      CFI Plan Achromat 20X, N.A. 0.40, W.D. 1.2 mm
·      CFI Plan Achromat 40X, N.A. 0.65, W.D. 0.56 mm
·      CFI Plan Achromat 100X Oil, N.A. 1.25, W.D. 0.20 mm
·      Immersion Oil A, 8cc
·      Power Cord BE (220-240V)
·      Anti Mould Agent

Deskripsi Produk

Produsen   : Nikon

Spesifikasi :

·      Microscope with space-saving compact design (small footprint)
·      Optical system: CF160 Infinity Optical System
·      Magnification: 40 – 1000 x
·      Eco-Illumination: High luminescent white LED illuminator with Fly eye lens is a low power
·      consumption eco-friendly light source
·      Reducing lamp replacement with a long-life LED for 60,000 hours operation
·      LED illuminator offers low-heat generation & provides the same color temperature in every magnification
·      Eyepiece: 10 x (F.O.V : 22mm)
·      Coaxial Coarse/Fine focusing: Focusing stroke: 30mm, Coarse: 9.33mm/rotation,
·      Fine: 0.1mm/rotation, Minimum reading: 1um
·      Coarse motion torque adjustable
·      Eyepiece tube: Ergonomic Binocular Tube (100/0, 50/50 via optional C-TEP2 DSC Port),
·      Inclination angle: 10-30°, Extension: up to 40 mm.
·      Nosepiece: Sextuple nosepiece fixed on main body
·      Dry film coated Stage with specimen holder for 2 slides opens to the left,
·      Cross travel: 78x54mm (X-Y), with vernier calibrations, stage handle height & torque adjustable
·      Stage handle with height adjustment for smooth stage movement in a comfortable hand position.
·      Condenser focusing stroke: 27 mm
·      Achromat Swing-out Condenser, N.A. 0.90
·      Built-in Image capture button: One simple click of the button during observation enables to capture specimen
·      image with the Digital Sight camera.
·      Intermediate option: Epi-Fluorescence illuminator (4 filter blocks mountable),
·      Magnification Module, Eye-level riser, Double port, Teaching head for 2, 3, or 5 persons
·      Observation method: Brightfield (upgradeable to Epi-fluorescence, Darkfield, Phase contrast,
·      Simple polarizing, sensitive color polarizing)
·      Power Consumption: 6 Watt


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