BST 606

Boeco BST 606

Rp 40.294.800,00

Deskripsi Produk

Produsen   : Boeco

Spesifikasi :

  • Microscope body is able to zoom and 5X between 0,8X.
  • Microscope and binocular head inclined structure is 45’C.
  • 1 pair of large domains of the field of view of the microscope 22. 10X
  • It is worth eyepiece. In both ocular + -5
  • diopr settings can be made.
  • The sample 115 mm working distance microscope.
  • Objetif the microscope with the standard 27.5 mm diameter it is possible to display the object.
  • Different lenses of the microscope can be used to screw the body in such a way that the lens
  • It has been designed to be mounted. Microscope to request different sizes
  • many lenses can be added.
  • The title of binocular microscope has a compression screw for stable
  • The distance between the eyes title microscope can be adjusted between 55-75 mm.
  • Cold Microscope LED Light Source system.
  • The light source is adjustable microscope.


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