SMZ 745T


Rp 47.000.000,00

Consisting of:
·    SMZ745T Zooming Body
·    C-W10XB Eyepiece 10X 2pcs
·    C-LEDS Hybrid LED Stand
·    Power cord BE
·    Cover Type 104

Deskripsi Produk

Produsen   : Nikon

Spesifikasi :

·    This stereo microscope incorporates an optical path switching lever that enables switchover
·    between eyepiece and camera
·    Optical System: Greenough Type
·    Total magnification: 3.35-300x depend on eyepiece and auxiliary objective lens in used
·    Eyepiece tube: fixed type with inclination: 45 degree
·    Interpupillary distance adjusment 52-75 mm
·    Zooming range: 0.67 – 5 x
·    Zooming ratio: 7.5 : 1
·    Magnification in use: 6.7 – 50 x
·    Straight tube: built-in C-mount 0.55x magnification lens (FN 11), compatible with 2/3″ or smaller CCD
·    Working distance: 115 mm
·    Focusing: rack and pinion system
·    Anti-electrostatic design
·    Anti Mold
·    Available optional auxiliary objective: G-AL 0.5x (WD 211mm), G-AL 0.7x (WD 150mm),
·    G-AL 1.5x (WD 61mm) and G-AL 2x (WD 43.5mm)
·    New Stand: LED Stand for Diascopic and episcopic observation


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